the Biocene Age

Where biology

and design are

at the heart of our

future human habitat

Our planet is in disequilibrium. We have disrupted biogeochemical processes mediated by plants and microorganisms by exploiting our resources: atmosphere, soils, and water.

Bio-integrated design is a method we have pioneered for a radical new vision of how we will create our future built environment.

Biology plays a central role that goes beyond being a simple environmental regulator, model or inspiration; biology is in itself the medium of a multi-layered design approach that is not only materially, but also socially integrated.
Studio Bioceneis a design collective, uniquely founded by a biochemical engineer and an architect rooted in practice and academia. Our multidisciplinary team shares an ambition to scale up novel ways of designing with, and for, living systems. We seek to create a sustainable future human habitat in partnership with nature.
About us
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We move beyond nature-based solutions, and towards a version of biodesign that embraces computationally generated forms, new methods of fabrication and ecological systems .
We have developed our approach to challenges such as Net Zero and Biodiversity Net Gain through an evidence-based interdisciplinary research platform.
Our research
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Recent projects